Stabilnost, sigurnost, definisana pravila, predvidljivost - u ekonomskom, političkom, i/ili bezbjedonosnom smislu - najatraktivniji su pojmovi za ozbiljne investitore, lokalne ali možda još i značajniji za strane investitore koji treba da donesu odluku gdje svoj kapital da ulože.

The French embassy in Podgorica and the Economic service of the French Embassy based in Belgrade organized an economic forum on business opportunities in Montenegro on 15 May 2017.

MFIC member Terna Crna Gora organized the visit to their building sites to introduce the other members to their project of submarine cable installation between Montenegro and Italy.

At the initiative of the Bureau for Economic Cooperation and Support to Business Community of the Capital of Podgorica, a Protocol on joint cooperation for the improvement of the investment environment in Podgorica was signed by numerous business associations

Ms Marija Šuković, MFIC Executive Director, participated in the Montenegro–UK Chevening Business Forum in a panel discussion entitled State Interventions to Improve Approaches to Development - A Helping Hand or a Cold Shoulder?  held in Tivat on 24–25 February 2017.