Tomas Kamarasi

   Tamas Kamarasi  Tamás Kamarási has Master's Degree in Economics. He graduated from the      University of Pest in Hungary. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of CKB.

   Mr. Kamarási has gained broad experience in banking industry. In the period from    2008 to 2012 he covered the positions of Deputy CEO and Chief Risk Officer  in   OTP  Bank Russia. Following that, he covered the position of Managing Director of    Risk  Analysis and Regulation Directorate and Corporate Culture Change Program   Manager  in OTP Bank Hungary.    

   From   2019 to September 2021, he worked as Managing Director of Corporate    Governance Directorate. Since October 2021, he has been the Chief Executive Officer   of CKB.

   In addition to his native language, he is fluent in both Russian and English.