epcgProduction and supply of electricity are the main activities of the Montenegrin Electric Enterprise AD Niksic (EPCG).

The company’s energy activities are prescribed by the Energy Law, energy licences and the EPCG Statute.

The following activities are carried out by the company:

  • Electricity generation,
  • Electricity supply,
  • Electricity trading,
  • Construction and maintenance of electric power facilities,
  • Designing and supervision, and
  • Other activities prescribed by the EPCG Statute.

In carrying out its core activities, EPCG ensures a regular and high-quality electricity supply to its customers at the demanded voltage levels - a safe and stable electricity supply to the Montenegrin population and economy.

Elektroprivreda Crne Gore AD Nikšić possesses plants for electricity generation of a total installed capacity of 867.5 MW, of which 649 MW (75%) comes from the hydroelectric power plants at Perućica and Piva, while 218.5 MW (25%) comes from the thermoelectric power plant in Pljevlja.

All the shares of the company are ordinary and are kept in dematerialised form.

The processing of capital was used to provide funds for reconstruction and modernisation of the existing, as well as construction of new, electrical power facilities which will lead to the full valourisation of the energy potential of Montenegro.