Board of Directors

The Board of Directors administers and manages the activities of the Council in accordance with its goals. The Board of Directors has a President who is appointed for a one-year period and the same person may be re-elected as President.

The Board of Directors:

  1. Adopts the organisational rules and Rules of Procedure for its activities;
  2. Adopts Rulebooks on the operations of internal working committees;
  3. Appoints and removes from office the Executive Director;
  4. Appoints and removes from office the Secretary;
  5. Ensures compliance of the work of the Council with the Statute and the implementation of decisions;
  6. Manages the current affairs of the Council, adopts programmes, development plans and special tasks, and also decides on the organisation and participation of the Council in important public events, cooperation with other organisations and institutions, in accordance with the Council's goals;
  7. Manages the assets of the Council;
  8. Adopts the draft annual budget of the Council and submits the report on its implementation to the Assembly of the Council, submitting proposals for partial changes and amendments to the budget, including the introduction of new expenditure items if additional funding sources are acquired following the adoption of the budget;
  9. Adopts and submits the annual report on Council activities to the Assembly of the Council for discussion and final adoption;
  10. Proposes the amounts of and amendments to admission and membership fees, adopts decisions on establishing funds and decides how funds will be raised and spent;
  11. According to needs, hires an independent auditing company for the purpose of evaluation of the Council's financial activities;
  12. Adopts decisions on the use of the assets of the Council in order to protect and increase these assets;
  13. Approves the prices of services, publications and information provided by the Council; and
  14. Adopts decisions on other matters envisaged in accordance with this Statute.