Executive Director

ArijanaNikolicVucinic MFIC malaArijana Nikolić Vučinić

The Executive Director shall be responsible for the organisation of the daily activities of the Council, its bodies, working committees and documentation.

The Executive Director shall be appointed and removed from office by the Board of Directors.

The employment relationship shall be regulated under the Employment contract, and it may be terminated as defined under the Employment Contract, the Labour Law, the General Collective Agreement and internal acts of the Employer. 

The main duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director shall include:

  1. Implementation of the existing strategies and policies of the Council and assistance to the Board of Directors in creating and implementing new strategies and long-term plans;
  2. Coordination, control and execution of all the activities of the Council, including the operations of the working committees, work on the preparation of the White Book, organisation of conferences and round tables;
  3. Maintenance of contact with all relevant stakeholders and
  4. Management of all the administrative functions of the Council, including contract compliance, preparation and monitoring of the annual budget, keeping of the minutes and website maintenance.