White Book

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The White Book is the most recognised publication of the MFIC. It is published every year and its main goal is to help to improve the business environment in the country through various recommendations provided by our members.

More precisely, the White Book:

  • Gives an overview of the current situation of the legislative framework in many different domains;
  • Monitors the developments in all segments of the regulatory framework relevant to our members; and
  • Gives practical recommendations for the improvement of the business climate.

The process of drafting the White Book includes the engagement and expertise of the MFIC members operating in a variety of fields that are addressed in the publication. For easier follow-up of the progress made, the MFIC has created a questionnaire that is sent to all members for comments and suggestions. The MFIC Board of Directors reviews and approves the draft White Book prior to its publishing and public promotion.

White book 2016/2017
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White book 2014
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White book 2013
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