Integrated EE Holdings

eeHoldingThe Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG) (and its Eastern European subsidiary, Integrated EE Holdings) was founded in 2011 and deals with real-estate investments worth billions of dollars globally, with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and provides a wide range of financial services. ADFG's property portfolio consists of residential and commercial properties in the UK, Eastern Europe and the UAE with 7,000,000 m2 of top-quality real estate. The value of the projects in development amounts to $4 billion in various locations in London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Montenegro and the Black Sea. During the last six years, ADFG has managed to have an optimum return on its investments for investors and has evolved in response to their needs by adapting to the macroeconomic climate and following the dynamics of the market.

The Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG), through its subsidiary in Eastern Europe, Integrated EE Holdings, is one of the largest investors in Montenegro. Recognised for establishing and operating its projects such as The Capital Plaza, Hard Rock Café, CentreVille Hotel and Lučice Montenegro, the company has become an investor that is today changing the face of modern Podgorica and Montenegro. A successful major real estate investor, hotel and restaurant operator, Integrated EE Holdings is an organisation seen today in the region as one of the most prominent and respected business partners.