Adriatic Properties

Adriatic Properties resizedLimited liability company Adriatic Properties was established in 2006 and since then the company has been operating on the Montenegrin coast as the lessee of the hotel complex Sveti Stefan, Milocer and Queen’s Beach.

Adriatic Properties introduced the world known brand AMAN to Montenegrin hospitality market and set new standards when it comes to supreme and luxurious guest experience. The company had successfully renovated hotel units in the island of Sveti Stefan, by blending tradition with modern trends in architecture and design. Besides the renovation of the existing facilities, which were enriched by a delicate touch of modern design, the company Adriatic Properties built SPA Centre, marvellous retreat that followed the architectural style of other facilities. Thus, the property of Sveti Stefan managed by Adriatic Properties is preserving its unique charm and untouched natural beauty and those are the values that the company cherishes through the years.

For the last couple of years the company has been engaged in the project of construction of the new hotel, JANU by Aman, which will be the successor of well-known Queen’s Beach hotel. Since the vision of Adriatic Properties is to establish international exclusivity standards in the field of tourism and hotel industry in one of the most attractive locations in Montenegro, the operation of the upcoming hotel JANU by Aman will strive towards that goal as well. Adriatic Properties is constantly following up on new trends in the hotel industry worldwide and is providing training for both local and international staff. Our employees have grown through the years, since they have the opportunity to visit other AMAN resorts, to be professionally engaged there and to return to Sveti Stefan in order to implement their knowledge here. Therefore, Adriatic Properties is a company which invests not only in the property that is under its management, but into human resources, considering good and properly trained employees one of its best qualities. Adriatic Properties employees from 100 up to 350 employees (year around or seasonally) and contributes to the local community, by sponsoring various events, groups or individuals, which are considered to be prosperous not only for the community of Budva, but for the whole country.
Having been recognized as a “trend setter” company, Adriatic Properties managed to bring a famous chain of restaurants to Montenegrin gastronomy map: restaurant NOBU MONTENEGRO. This pop-up restaurant opens every summer on a beautiful location overlooking the island of Sveti Stefan, so that our guests may enjoy the beauty of the scenery along with extraordinary culinary specialties of VIP chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The chain of NOBU restaurants obtains the highest ranking in the gastronomy field and this is what makes Adriatic Properties innovative and authentic: the constant demand for the excellent services and brands that had proven their quality around the world.